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A dream comes true! From the youth entrepreneur who created the Sugar & Spice Bakery and the youth only entrepreneur vendor market, the Kindlmarkt, in southwestern Minnesota comes a curated collection of recipes from Cloie Stevens.  

At the age of 14, Cloie dreamed of owning a business.  She practiced developing recipes in the family kitchen for over a year, eventually creating a beloved Farmers Market bakery business which expanded into designing custom orders for birthday parties, graduations, and even large weddings.  

Gather: The Foods that Made Me is a beautiful, somewhat autobiographical culinary experience which explores the foods from her childhood to today.   

Influenced by both geographical location and family culture, Cloie has developed unique food tastes ranging from Southern comfort foods to Midwestern staples. She grew up eating black-eyed peas with cornbread and drinking sweet tea with her Floridian mother one night while the next enjoying hotdish with her North Dakotan father. Despite all the food differences, the one common experience from all the foods that made her was that they were all shared around tables where food was a love language.   

Cloie has preserved and recorded these treasured recipes from family members, friends, and even chosen family which feature simple ingredients from gardens, Farmers Markets, and even small-town grocery stores.  The foods are ones that even those with little interest in cooking can make with ease. With every recipe, she shares delightful snippets, including some irreverent ones, about why that food is memorable to her.   

The recipes include foods for ordinary family dinners as well as for holiday traditions, but most beloved, are her recipes for the extraordinary ordinary moments of life, such as eating ice cream for breakfast.  Like most cherished family recipes, the best part of each one is the memories made by those who Gather around the table.   

Gather: The Foods That Made Me


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