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Who We Are

You might think by our business name that we would be a publishing company ran by a group of women all with the last name of Stevens. If so, you would be 100% correct! We are two generations of women - some born with the name and others who added the name through marriage – who represent a family whose mission in life was born out of adversity. Yet, through our sadness, we learned that our family’s story, and how we clung to our faith despite every challenge, brought light and hope to others. We are comprised of two educators, a graphic artist, and an aspiring food entrepreneur. None of us ever really envisioned that we would start a publishing company, because our passion for writing began as outlet to share our needs and our prayer requests with the world. Through that sharing, we discovered our love of storytelling as a way to provide hope, even in the darkest places. As those needs waned, the writing continued. First with a blog, which led to a book, which led to many other books, and that’s how we landed here starting our own company to continue to share hope, encourage laughter, and maybe even shed a few needed tears, with our readers. No matter what drew you to our stories, we are so glad you found us, and even if your name isn’t Stevens, we still consider you all family here!



(and it all started with a red bird)

Hope. Who knew that it sometimes comes wrapped in a flash of red feathers or hearing the old familiar two-parted whistle of birdie, birdie, birdie? For every member of Team Stevens, the cardinal means more than just an image on our logo. Spotting a redbird is a heavenly reminder that God has never forsaken us even in the darkest trials of life, providing a reminder of hope in every facet of life just as is promised. The ever-present redbird, who reminds us all of a boy taken much too soon, serves also as the ambassador of our promise to our readers. At Miz Stevens Publishing Company, we promise 

-To share stories and publications that are God-honoring and bring entertainment, encouragement, and inspiration to readers of all ages. 

-To craft stories, images, and illustrations whereby readers can imagine or envision themselves. 

-To use our platform as storytellers and artists to provide hope by giving forward in our communities.

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